Feeling at home. Moments of happiness.

As hosts, we have had the privilege of welcoming you to Hotel Restaurant Zum Goldenen Kopf in Bülach’s beautiful old town since 1999. Here, we have found a place where we feel at ease – and where we gladly do everything we can to ensure that you feel at home too.

We are aware that we have inherited a rich tradition. At Zum Goldenen Kopf, our task is to run a guest house that maintains high standards, while doing justice to its history, which spans over 500 years.

Today, our guests feel at home in rooms that not only offer modern comfort, but also aptly combine historical elements with contemporary interior design. They appreciate the historical parlours and enjoy our kitchen’s tasty creations.

We are delighted to be able to give you moments of happiness with our passion for indulgence, with attentive service and with heartfelt hospitality. Be our guest!
Yolanda and Leo Urschinger