Conversion of Zum Goldenen Kopf

Veröffentlicht: by Hotel Restaurant Zum Goldenen Kopf

Zum Goldenen Kopf is to be upgraded. We have already made our New Year’s resolutions and would like to start renovating our rooms in spring 2019.

Everyone who has ever been our guest gives us confirmation that Hotel Restaurant Zum Goldenen Kopf is not just any hotel. Anyone trying to find a similar alternative that combines the comfort of modern rooms with the stately old architecture and history of such an establishment, would have a long search ahead of them. Our guest rooms are to be completely renovated, so that these high standards can still be met in the future.

The walls will be repainted and the windows better insulated. Some rooms are to be combined as suites, offering a fresh new spaciousness. Naturally, the interior fittings are also to be modernised and the latest amenities added.

The conversion work is to be carried out in two phases, starting on the 1st of March 2019. The new rooms should be ready for use from the 7th of April 2019. What this means for our guests in concrete terms, is that although hospitality will continue without interruption, some noise is to be expected at times during the conversion work. We thank you for your understanding and hope that we will also be able to welcome you back to the “new” Zum Goldenen Kopf.